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Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Clinical Staffing

Your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is the lifeblood of your organization. DynTek provides a full range of clinical talent to support with the design, development, maintenance, operations, and optimization of your EHR system to deliver safe, high quality patient care.


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Clinical Analysts

The Clinical Analyst leverages their discipline-specific background in a clinical setting and critical thinking abilities to support clinical teams, including informatics specialists, nurses, physicians, and allied health staff. The Clinical Analyst promotes understanding of electronic healthcare systems and their dependencies in the healthcare delivery environment.

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Clinician, Informatics

The Clinician, Informatics Specialist works with physicians, nurses, clinical support staff and clinical systems vendors to represent clinical needs of the EHR and ensure its optimal use to meet health care standards of practice and regulatory requirements. They promote understanding of healthcare systems and translates terminology and taxonomies into concise clinical workflow processes. 



Finding the right people for the job is tough, especially if you need someone right away, but Arctiq takes the time to vet its clinical staff to make sure they’re the right fit. This doesn’t just mean we consider how they’ll fit within your organizational culture; it means we conduct thorough background checks on our staff and conduct complete technical screenings to ensure you’re getting people with the right industry acumen.

Our clinical staff candidates have:

Nursing or Pharmacy degree coupled with a strong clinical background or relevant experience in an appropriate specialty area of Ambulatory or Acute Care environments

Current knowledge of regulatory environment including but not limited to guidance from: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), Joint Commission (JC), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and local state agencies


A government client has a need for a long term Pharmacy Consulting Analyst to work with system vendors, healthcare providers, clinical staff, and patients to develop and implement strategies that improve medication-related outcomes and strengthen the pharmacist–patient relationship. The Pharmacy Consulting Analyst leverages advanced knowledge of pharmacy best practice and clinical decision-making with operational experience in acute care environments to enhance the quality, efficiency, and accountability of pharmacy operations in the enterprise.

This position requires a Bachelor or Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Pharmacist licensure in the state of California and specific experience with the hardware and software systems used by pharmacists in a clinical environment, including those involved in the automated dispensing of medications.

If you are interested in finding out more about this position, please complete the form below.

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