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Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions


Global Hospitality and Gaming Company Makes a Sure Bet on Technology with Arctiq


Hospitality & Gaming


Modern Infrastructure

Arctiq is leading a project to refresh network, security, and applications for a global hospitality and gaming firm, driven by digital gaming expansion plans. By modernizing infrastructure, Arctiq enhances performance and scalability across multiple locations, improving guest experiences and bolstering operational excellence. Their support for the global Microsoft environment ensures stability and productivity in critical systems.

Arctiq is spearheading a comprehensive network, security, and application refresh for a global hospitality and gaming company. This transformative project is driven by the company’s strategic business objectives, particularly their digital gaming expansion plans, as they extend their platform across a larger area of the United States. With a focus on providing diverse manufacturer solutions and deployment services, Arctiq is fortifying the infrastructure that supports over 40,000 devices and encompasses multiple locations across the nation. This global hospitality and gaming company offers award-winning restaurants, luxury accommodations, diverse entertainment and gaming opportunities, and extensive retail outlets on a global scale.

The company had several critical business drivers that propelled their technology needs, including:

Digital Gaming Expansion

With a vision to broaden their digital gaming footprint, the company sought to optimize their network infrastructure to support a larger area within the United States. This necessitated a comprehensive refresh to accommodate increased user demands and ensure seamless connectivity for enhanced gaming experiences.

Scalability and Performance

To support their growing user base and evolving gaming platform, the company required a network infrastructure that could scale effectively while delivering consistent performance. The network and security refresh aimed to enhance network capacity, minimize latency, and ensure reliable and efficient operations.

Guest Experience Enhancement

The company recognized the critical role of technology in providing exceptional guest experiences. By modernizing their network infrastructure, they aimed to improve wireless connectivity, audiovisual systems, and corporate functionality. Seamless network access and reliable communication systems contribute to an enhanced guest experience and drive customer loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

Optimized network and security infrastructure are vital to maintaining operational efficiency in a 24/7 hospitality and gaming environment. The company sought to streamline network management, enhance security measures, and reduce downtime through this comprehensive refresh. Increased reliability and performance contribute to smooth operations and improved staff productivity.

Network and Security Modernization & Refresh

Arctiq’s team of expert engineers, in close collaboration with Extreme Networks, embarked on a large-scale project encompassing the design, configuration, and deployment of over 1500 network switches across multiple hotel and casino properties. The undertaking involved overnight work to minimize disruption to the company’s 24/7 operations. Arctiq’s engineering expertise ensured the transformation of networks essential to corporate functionality, gaming operations, wireless connectivity, and audio-visual systems. By leveraging their experience and seamless collaboration with Extreme Networks, Arctiq executed a comprehensive network overhaul, resulting in enhanced performance, scalability, and reliability.

Support for Global Microsoft Environment

Arctiq serves as the first tier of support for the company’s global Microsoft environment. As a trusted partner, Arctiq provides expert problem resolution and engineering support, ensuring the stability and efficiency of critical Microsoft systems. Their proactive approach and swift issue resolution have solidified their position as a valued partner in maintaining a robust global Microsoft environment.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Business Impact

By modernizing and optimizing the network infrastructure, the company is well-positioned to drive their digital gaming expansion and cater to the growing demands of their user base. The large-scale network overhaul resulted in enhanced performance, scalability, and reliability across multiple properties. The enhanced network performance ensures seamless connectivity, improving guest experiences and fostering customer loyalty. Additionally, Arctiq’s support for the global Microsoft environment reinforces the stability, reliability, and productivity of the company’s critical business systems, contributing to overall operational excellence.