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Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

Dyntek, RSolutions and Arctiq have merged to transform infrastructure, security, and platform solutions

rSolutions Corporation, now united with DynTek, ranks 60th globally and #2 in Canada on MSSP Alert's Top 250 Managed Security Services Providers list for 2023. Discover our commitment to top-tier security solutions.

Navigating a constantly evolving threat landscape requires an organization to stay on top of the latest cyber best practices and technologies, something that can be difficult for many organizations due to resource constraints. Increasingly organizations are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deliver secure client outcomes.

rSolutions Corporation, a leading provider of managed security services, recently receivedrSolutions_MSSP Alert_Blog recognition by ranking 60th globally and #2 in Canada on MSSP Alert's prestigious Top 250 Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) list for 2023. In a landscape where cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, rSolutions Corporation's ascent of 97 places from its 2022 ranking to the 60th position globally is a testament to its unwavering focus on delivering secure client outcomes and the exceptional commitment of its staff.

rSolutions provides world class MDR and XDR managed services to enterprise clients across North America. The company delivers successful security outcomes by implementing leading security technology platforms and correlating threat indicators to provide comprehensive visibility of threats and risks. rSolutions’ experienced SOC and incident response services provide early threat detection, comprehensive investigations to fully scope incidents, and efficient incident response to contain threats quickly. Their services include continuous improvement processes to ensure they adapt to match the evolving threat landscape.

"rSolutions owes its enduring success to our 100% client retention rate in Managed Services, reflecting the trust and loyalty of our valued clients,” said Richard Baker of rSolutions. “Our ongoing support and confidence in our security solutions are pivotal factors in propelling our company to the forefront of the industry."

MSSP Market Growing Rapidly as Threats Escalate

MSSP Alert conducts an annual worldwide survey of MSSPs, gathering insights from industry leaders to compile its esteemed list. The research, based on surveys and MSSP Alert's editorial coverage, serves as a benchmark for recognizing the top performers in the managed security services industry.

The MSSP industry is experiencing robust growth, with survey participants anticipating a 20% increase in annual MSSP revenues in 2023 compared to the previous year. This growth rate outpaces the overall cybersecurity services market, which is expected to grow by 14% in 2023, according to Canalys.

The threat environment continues to be a driving force behind MSSP growth, with cyberattacks, including phishing and ransomware, posing significant risks to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, for-profit supply chain cyberattacks and nation-state attacks, such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, further emphasize the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

The MSSP market is also evolving, with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) increasingly partnering with MSSPs to offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to end customers. This blurring of lines between MSPs and MSSPs is expected to continue in the coming years as more MSPs expand their portfolios to include cybersecurity services. Furthermore, cyber insurance carriers are increasingly requiring end customers to utilize cybersecurity services, drawing more MSPs into the cybersecurity market.

rSolutions & DynTek: Expansive Managed Security Services Throughout North America

In August 2023, Gallant Capital Partners brought together rSolutions and DynTek, a US-based provider of professional IT and cybersecurity solutions and managed security services, recognized as a CRN Elite 150 Managed Security Service Provider (MSP) by CRN. This unification established a cohesive leadership structure and investment framework. With three state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers spanning North America, together rSolutions and DynTek maintain a cohesive commitment to its core mission: delivering top-tier security solutions and safeguarding the digital assets of its valued clients.

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September 28, 2023